A wand of viscid globs was a magical wand that shot adhesive globs.[1] There was also a rod of viscid globs that had similar properties.[2]


A wand of viscid globs was a metal baton with no decoration.[4]

The rod was between 2 and 3 ft (60 and 90 cm) long and weighed about 5 lb (roughly 2 kg).[5]


Wands of viscid globs had two versions, one before the Time of Troubles[1] and one after the Second Sundering.[3] The former had eighty-one to one hundred charges on creation, which were drained one by one on every use and could be recharged by a powerful wizard in a secret lengthy process requiring the spells mending, web, item, extension I, and enchanted weapon.[1] The latter had seven charges, which automatically renewed two to seven every midnight. However, on being drained completely, there was a one in twenty chance that it dissolved into harmless slime.[3] The rod of viscid globs had five daily renewed charges.[2]

As mentioned above, a wand of viscid globs and a rod of viscid globs shot adhesives, the wands with a range of 60 ft (18 m)[3][2] and the rod with a range of 100 ft (30 m).[1] The older wand version worked on command word and shot greenish-gray adhesive that covered a 5-ft (1.5-m) diameter area and glued everything within the area with each other permanently, though it did not cause those caught within it to suffocate. The adhesive was so strong that a creature would break their joints before the bonds, causing stupid creatures to possibly destroy themselves in their attempt to free themselves. The hardening time for the adhesive was about ten minutes.[1]

The newer wand version shot only a small glob that restrained one creature.[3] The rod version's globs worked like a tanglefoot bag.[2]

The adhesives of any version could be quickly dissolved with alcohol; a flask of wine was enough.[3][2][1]


The wand of viscid globs was a magic item that was associated with the drow.[1] The post–Second Sundering version of the wand was a drowcraft item that was destroyed if exposed to sunlight for an hour.[3]


In the drow outpost of Velkynvelve, owning a wand of viscid globs was the sign of the consort of the head priestess and it was passed around if the position changed.[6]

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