A wand of wonder was an unpredictable magical wand that produced a random effect each time it was used.[1]


The wand could be aimed at a creature, an object, or any point in space. Activating the wand caused it to create a random effect that could possibly target the wielder, the pointed creature or object, or an area in front of the wand. It could be activated up to seven times a day, after which it gradually recovered its powers at dawn on subsequent days. If all the power of a wand of wonder was used up in a single day, there was a small chance that it would crumble to dust and be destroyed.[1]

The wand of wonder was capable of producing a number of different outcomes, each with a different probability to happen. They included casting spells that affected a single creature, such as detect thoughts, enlarge/reduce, flesh to stone, invisibility, and slow; spells that affected an entire area, such as darkness, faerie fire, fireball, gust of wind, lightning bolt, and stinking cloud; and other effects, such as turning the wielder's skin blue, summoning a large animal or a swarm of butterflies, making grass or leaves grow, causing rain, stunning the wielder, banishing objects into the Ethereal plane, and creating a violent burst of either gems or colorful light, among others.[1]

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The wizard Rantantar, one of Halaster Blackcloak's oldest apprentices, bound his spirit to his wand of wonder after his death. The spirit could animate and discharge the wand at random creatures.[4]


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