Wandering Stones was a small village located in southern Skelkor, Laerakond.[1]


The village was named after the remains of the primordial Arambar, a group of massive stones that moved on their own accord every night, creating strange patterns that never took the same shape twice. Some believed the spirit of Arambar was the one who changed the position of the stones as a way to mark the time left for some great event to happen.[1]

Because Wandering Stones was built upon the remains of Arambar, dragons feared and shunned the village, making it a perfect home for escaped slaves and other people looking for a safe haven.[1]

The presence of the spirit of Arambar also had an unexpected effect on the land: it attracted the spirits of the dead from different places and times, even from distant lands such as Faerûn. The spirits of the dead communed with Arambar, and those with enough self-awareness were able to learn old secrets and other kind of information from the old primordial or the other oblivious spirits who believed they still were alive.[1]


Wandering Stones was ruled by a Stonetalker, an individual who was able to "speak" with the stones, gaining great wisdom and insights from them. In truth, the Stonetalker spoke with the spirits of the dead, not with Arambar. As of 1479 DR, the Stonetalker was a dragonborn shaman named Olothon.[1]


After the sundering of Abeir-Toril, the corpse of Arambar was left in the lands that eventually would become Skelkor, in the world of Abeir. Slaves who fled from their dragon masters founded the town of Wandering Stones in the rocks that composed the remains of the primordial.[1]

In 1479 DR, the adventuress Jada Marlserpent went to Wandering Stones searching refuge and information about her past, as she was born in that village. Knowing that she was one of the fabled dragonheirs, the brown dragon Thovantareth followed her to the town, his hatred for the dragonheirs strong enough to surpass his fear of Arambar. When the dragon was attacking the village, the spirit of Arambar awoke from his millennia long slumber to save Jada and the other inhabitants of Wandering Stones, killing Thovantareth and returned to sleep again.[1]

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