Wandering symbol was a multi-school spell that created two symbols that would randomly wander along a pre-determined set of surfaces.[1]


The symbols created by this spell had the same properties as those conjured by the 8th level arcane spell of a similar name. The major difference being these were capable of random movement.[1]


While casting wandering symbol, the wizard would touch, and hence designate, between two to nine different surfaces within a two-mile radius of one another. When the casting was finished, and the caster created their symbols, they would be capable of travel along these surface types, taking completely random pathways.[1]


This spell required a set of material components, one for each surface that was designated for the symbols; these included a potion of sweet water and the powder of crushed, translucent gem stones and crushed black opal, each of which had to be worth more than 1000 gp.[1]



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