Wanev was a wizard aligned with the Cowled Wizards of Athkatla. He served them as the Director at Spellhold in 1369 DR. Unfortunately, he had the bad luck to be present on the island when the Cowled Wizards captured Jon Irenicus and sent him to Spellhold for detainment.[1]


Wanev was presiding over Spellhold when Irenicus arrived in 1369 DR, and was present at the asylum when the fallen elven archmage broke out of his captivity and went on a rampage against his captors. Wanev was one of only two Cowled Wizards who survived the assault, with the other being Lonk the Sane. However, Wanev did not survive unscathed; a bad reaction to an unknown spell loosed at him by Irenicus shattered his mind and left him a demented, raving mess. Apparently amused by this irony, Irenicus imprisoned Wanev among the asylum inmates he had previous ruled over.[1]

When Gorion's Ward arrived, and sought the aid of the inmates in defeating Irenicus, Wanev was the first to rally behind the Bhaalspawn, his broken psyche easily realigning around his desire for vengeance. Unfortunately, he perished in the ensuing battle.[1]



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