War Wizard of Cormyr is a prestige class (in 3rd edition) and a paragon path (in 4th edition) whose members are the elite battle-mages of Cormyr in the organization of the same name. The War Wizards are among the most respected spellcasters throughout all of Faerûn. Most war wizards serve Cormyr directly, which allows for little time to explore and adventure though some members are allowed to work in a more extended capacity.[1]

3rd EditionEdit

Abilities Edit

Weapon Focus
War wizards are trained in exotic weapons moreso than other arcane spellcasters.[2]
Metamagic Feat
In order to use less spells more effectively, war wizards study intently on how to augment their existing spell repetoire.[2]
Enhanced Spell Aura
Experienced war wizards are able to enhance their spells beyond the ability of regular wizards.[2]

4th EditionEdit

War Wizards possess many of the same duties that they carried out in the past. Defense of the realm against outside threats, training in battle magic, and ensuring the ongoing magical tradition of Cormyr are just a few of their responsibilities. Many spells created in the past one hundred years, since the Spellplague, are known only by the War Wizards, gaining them an edge in combat against their enemies.[3]

Abilities Edit

War Wizard’s Training 
A War Wizard of Cormyr possesses knowledge to prevent him from being caught in a attack while he is spellcasting.[3]
Arcane Fundamentals 
A War Wizard of Cormyr gains a powerful understanding of a single spell that allows him to cast it as if it were a natural ability.[3]
War Wizard’s Decimation
A War Wizard of Cormyr's spells do more damage against enemy targets.[3]

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