War chanters are virtuous bards who, more than other bards, choose to emulate rather than to merely sing of the ancient heroes of old. War chanters seek to inspire others to action, while taking it themselves, rousing others to bravery with their own acts of heroism. War chanters do not abandon their bardic roots, however, instead using their music and training to help carry others through battle, preserving their morale, becoming inspiring leaders who fight beside the men and women they lead.[1]

Culture[edit | edit source]

War chanters use a combination of magical music, rousing oratory, and bold action to inspire others to action. War chanters fight on their own and use the very sounds of battle as a part of their symposium. With these, war chanters cannot only help others fight through pain but themselves as well, fighting even as the chaos of battle engulfs them. Like warlords, war chanters are more akin to battlefield commanders who are part of the martial tradition rather than healers, with much of their training revolving around the command of others.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

A war chanter's training focuses mostly on using their abilities in magic, song, and combat to inspire others. When a war chanter makes extra effort in a task, their efforts can give nearby allies a morale boost that focuses their attacks for added lethality to a degree partially dependent on the war chanter's vitality. With the same training, a war chanter learns to enhance their ability to soothe the nerves of battered allies, again to a degree partially dependent on their own vitality. With more training, war chanters are also capable of pushing themselves to limits few are able to, accomplishing more in an instant than some can over a space of minutes.[1]

War chanter spells are based around command and good leadership, inspiring others as the chanter takes action. Victorious smite is one such spell, which combines arcane power and tactics for a deadly attack. Battle chant however is different in that it gives a war chanter's allies brief visions of glory that inspire them to competence.[1]

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