A war dog was a large dog that was trained for battle, hunting or watching over its masters.[1][2]


These hounds, which were up to twice the size of wild dogs, grew up to be about 6 ft (1.8 m) long. Canines with great senses of hearing and scent, as well as combat prowess, such as huge mastiffs or wolfounds were considered to be war dogs. Dogs of such ability were not common, but could be found to live in most environments.[1][2] Such hounds were known to wear armor, which was often spiked all over.[2][3]


Unlike almost all other canines, they were not found in packs. War dogs could survive alone, or take the company of their masters, who may also have owned other war dogs.[1][2]


Extremely loyal to their masters, they were fierce and dangerous in combat. To assist in their fighting, their owners usually equipped them with spiked collars and studded leather armor.[3]


War dogs were found in many places, such as in the Moonsea region,[4][5] Cormyr, the Dalelands, and Sembia.[6] Luiren marchwardens chose war dogs as their animal companions.[7] The prince of Corwell, Tristan Kendrick, owned a particularly powerful war dog known as Canthus.[8]

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