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The War domain was a suite of spells that were granted to clerics of war deities.[1] The gods were those of chivalry, conquest, destruction, domination, honor, pillage, and war itself. The clerics' abilities and spells focused on battles. These abilities enhanced the combat abilities of the cleric and others. The clerics' repertoire of spells was expanded to include the ones listed below.[2][3]



During the latter part of the Era of Upheaval, priests who chose this domain had access to the following spells: magic weapon, spiritual weapon, magic vestment, divine power, flame strike, blade barrier, power word, blind, power word, stun, and power word, kill.[4]

After the Second Sundering, clerics who chose this domain were granted access to the following spells: divine favor, shield of faith, magic weapon, spiritual weapon, crusader's mantle, spirit guardians, freedom of movement, stoneskin, flame strike, hold monster.[5]

Other Powers[]

In addition, war domain clerics gained access to the following powers:[3]

Channel Divinity[]

Clerics with the War domain gained the ability to use the channel divinity powers called guided strike and war god's blessing. The former allowed the cleric to increase his or her own attacks' accuracy while the latter allowed the cleric to increase the allies' attacks' accuracy.[3]

Other powers[]

Other abilities were the war priest, which allowed the cleric to attack in rapid succession, divine strike, which allowed the cleric to hit harder, and avatar of battle, which made a cleric more resilient against non-magical attacks.[3]




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