The War of Fang and Talon was a conflict between the dragons and Primordials of Abeir.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

The war began some time after the Primordials were granted the world of Abeir by Lord Ao.[2] The dragons, tired of being the slaves of the Primordials, rose in rebellion against their masters,[3] who were exhausted having lost most of their numbers in the Dawn War and the battle against the gods of Toril during the Tearfall.[2][4] Unable to overcome their dragon steeds, the Primordials were quickly defeated and those who survived retreated into hiding and fell silent.[1] Among the Primordials killed in the war were Nehushta and Petron.[2][3]

After having won their battle against the Primordials, the dragons turned against each other, and attacked the dragons who remained loyal to the Primordials as well. When the war came to an end, most of Abeir was laid to waste and only a handful of dragon lords survived.[1]

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