The wards of Silverymoon are a pair of magical protections that utilize a mythal which protect Silverymoon from all sorts of threats. The first ward encompasses an area that surrounds the city as well as 1000 feet beyond the city wall, while the second works in concert with the first and provides further protections to the palace. Full details of the mythal's effects, including the effects of the second ward are known to only two people, the High Mage and the ruler of the city, but a few others are trusted enough to be allowed to attune themselves to the wards and be able to control most of their powers.

The first ward prevents any evil and death magics from being cast as well as any portals from being constructed. Demons, devils, dragons, drow, duergar, giants, goblinoids, mind flayers, orcs and trolls of evil intent are magically compelled to leave the city and never return. All creatures within the boundary of the mythal are also unable to become invisible, always know when they are being scryed upon and are protected from negative energy and evil.

Those who carry a ward token are exempt from the following additional effects:

  • Prohibition from casting evocation spells that create fire.
  • Prohibition from casting teleportation magic.
  • Prohibition from summoning things.

The few trusted enough to be allowed to control certain aspects of the mythal gain the ability to cast certain spells with a simple command word whenever they want to within the bounds of the mythal.[1]

After the Spellplague The Wards of Silverymoon were greatly weakened, eventually dissipating entirely, however, splinters of the power created by the mythal remain and empower the abilities of the Spellguard.[2]


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