Warfu stones were magical gems found in Kara-Tur.[1][2]


According to legend, the Celestial Emperor bade the Lords of Karma to place these stones throughout Kara-Tur. They were later discovered and used by heroes and villains all through time; stories told of the remarkable exploits they performed with the aid of warfu stones.[1][2]


Warfu stones came in many colors, and either glittered with inner fire or seemed to hold movement. They could be neither crushed nor melted.[1][2]


When used, a warfu stone orbited its owner's head or hovered above it.[1][2]

Several types of warfu stones and their powers that had turned up in T'u Lung before Shou Year 2607 (1357 DR) were as follows:

  • Blue: Granted the owner the power of flight.
  • Black: Granted the owner skill in a special maneuver of martial arts.
  • Crystal: Enhanced the owner's skill in a weapon.
  • Green: Boosted the owner's experience and general capability.
  • Red: Granted the owner protection against fire.
  • Opal: Doubled the owner's ki and associated powers.
  • Violet: Enhanced the owner's charisma.
  • White: Improved the owner's looks.
  • Yellow: Enhanced the owner's strength.[1][2]


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The warfu stones are presumably intended to be an eastern version of the ioun stones of regular D&D, but a connection between the two is unknown. For organization purposes, this wiki treats them as unrelated to ioun stones. Wong Fei's ioun stone, being from Kara-Tur, might be considered to be a warfu stone.


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