Warlords are trained warriors who excel at leading others into combat. Trained in tactics and generally charismatic, warlords direct allies in battle and use words of encouragement to keep them fighting when injured or demoralized.[1] With the proper skill, warlords can direct flanking maneuvers, feints, and other clever tactics in order to overcome the power of their foes.[2]


The power of a warlord comes from their physical training and learning in the art of war. The exact training of a warlord varies from individual to individual and some choose to focus their skills on leadership ability while others primarily learn as tacticians.[3] Some warlords lead from the rear, directing their army through various subordinate commanders, while others prefer to lead from the thick of the fighting, inspiring their troops with their presence and martial prowess. Warlords of all kinds are trained in light and some heavy armors, as well as the use of most melee weapons.[1] Warlords who are particularly adept with armor may become knight commanders[4] while warlords well-versed in the art of swordfighting might become sword marshals.[5]

All skilled warlords are adept leaders, or at the very least tactical counsels, and are able to lend their tactical expertise to their teammates, resulting in quicker reaction and coordinated attacks. Likewise, warlords are taught how to maintain the morale of their allies, giving the fallen an encouraging shout in order to get them back in the fight.[3]


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