Warmonger genies were special tasked genies who served as strategists and advisors to generals and lords. They were found leading soldiers or mercenaries. If there was not a war to be found then they would usually start one.[1]

Originally created from efreet, warmongers only retained that race's inherent thirst for war. They were unique among tasked genies in that they usually desired to outstay their service to a sha'ir. They accomplished this by vowing to uphold a particular cause, dynasty, or kingdom as opposed to serving a single king or lord. This allowed them to resist the dismissal from individuals. Warmongers often turned against those who summoned them if they believed the summoner was barring them from completing their given task.[2]


Warmonger genies were covered with hair that dripped blood. Most warmonger genies were obese and stood no taller than five feet (1.5 meters).[1]

They wore heavy armor in battle.[1]


These genies were capable fighters but leadership was their strongest asset. Troops under their command were inspired by honor or fear, but fought with heightened passion nonetheless. Warmongers preferred to fight from horseback where they could use their incredible strength to swing weapons.[1]

These genies could use the following spell-like abilities: cloak of bravery, suggestion, enchanted weapon, fear, remove fear.[1]


Warmongers were devoted to their lords and loyal to their cause, often carrying on a battle after a lord requested for them to cease. They would retreat if it was advantageous.[1]

These genies were usually summoned to perform a specific task such as defending a critical mountain pass. They would urge their lords to continue the fight wherever applicable.[1]


Warmonger genies usually had severe impacts on ecologies because of the need to supply their troops with food and shelter.[1]




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