The Warring States (or simply the warring states[note 1]) were a group of countries in the south of Kara-Tur known for their conflicts.[1][2][3][note 2]


They lay in the wooded lands south of T'u Lung and between Petan in the west and Malatra in the east.[1][4]


The Warring States were often at war with T'u Lung, ever since that empire was established in Shou Year 2316 (1066 DR).[1] Around Shou Year 2607 (1357 DR), the Fengnao Province of T'u Lung had some political connections to the Warring States.[2] By that time, Nu'sazto Ichi, the son of a captured general of the Warring States, had been brought to the imperial court in Wai, kept as an amusement despite his clumsy attempts to assassinate Emperor Wai Gada Sinzu. The emperor believed Nu'sazto to be a crude barbarian.[3]



  1. Both lower-case and upper-case forms of the name are used in Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms. The upper-case is used in the later The Forgotten Realms Atlas map and hence adopted here.
  2. The Forgotten Realms Atlas depicts "The Warring States" label around locations like Patayang, Marabaya, Parmahana, and the Himasla Mountains, but Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms describes these as all part of the Kuong Kingdom. This suggests the two countries might be the same, or that the Warring States are or were a part of the Kuong Kingdom, but they seem different in culture. Too little is known about the Warring States to form a clear picture.


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