Warriors of Heaven is a Dungeons & Dragons game accessory detailing the various races of celestials.

This book sheds new light on the powerful and majestic celestials, guardians of the Upper Planes and empyreal enemies of evil. Players can design their own celestial characters and take the fight to those denizens of darkness, the fiends!





aasimonagathinonmovanic devamonadic devaastral devaplanetarsolarlight aasimonarchonlantern archonhound archonwarden archonsword archontrumpet archonasuraeladrinbralanicourefirreghaelenoviereshieretulaniguardinalavoralcervidalequinalleonallupinalursinalaasimarequartrothspyregildmanefavonian


twilight toucharmor of lightprotection from primedolorous motesshroud presencewindspherearms of the treebestow wingsdiffuse damagephantasmal terrorphantom strikeprotection from prime 10' radiusstarfiresummon lesser equartrue arrowsentinel of lightstarmantleanimate treessummon greater equarelemental wallmantle of the heavensprotection from silvercreate healing potiondivine weaknessimpart resistancerenewed abilitycrown of coldcrown of radianceradiant messengeraura of terrorblessed forgetfulnessinspirationvengeful strikewound transferaura of invincibilityaura of puissanceaura of valorcrown of flamedivestblessed concoctioncrown of brilliancecrown of gloryholy smiteray of lifeshield of the archonsslay evilspiritdanceconflagration


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