The Watchful Shield was a shrine of Helm located in the Manorborn district of Baldur's Gate. It was established some time before the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR.[2][3][1]


The diminutive chapel had wings extending from either side of its front doorway, and the silver eye of Helm inscribed above.[4]


The duties of the temple were handled by the Helmite clergy, members of the Flaming Fist, personal guards and others who sought to protect others from harm.[4]

Clerics of the Watchful Shield long held the tradition of offering free healing services for anyone who says they were injured while defending the meek, regardless of how unbelievable the injured storyteller or how incredulous the tale was.[4]


For many years the Watchful Shield was a favored stop for those who felt a duty to protect others, namely soldiers, bodyguards and members of Flaming Fist.[5]

When Helm "died" in the Year of Three Streams Blooded, 1384 DR, the temple quickly became empty and devoid of activity. In effect, it became a shrine to the god that died performing their divine duty.[5] Despite its lack of worshipers, the shrine remained standing for over a century, at least until the Year of the Narthex Murders, 1482 DR.[6]

There were rumors that an apparition guarded the Watchful Shield at night.[5]



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