The Watchful Shield was a shrine of Helm located in the Manorborn district of Baldur's Gate. It was established some time before the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR.[2][3][1]


For many years the Watchful Shield was a favored stop for those who felt a duty to protect others, namely soldiers, bodyguards and members of Flaming Fist.[4]

When Helm "died" in the Year of Three Streams Blooded, 1384 DR, the temple quickly became empty and devoid of activity. In effect, it became a shrine to the god that died performing their divine duty.[4] Despite its lack of worshipers, the shrine remained standing for over a century, at least until the Year of the Narthex Murders, 1482 DR.[5]

There were rumors that an apparition guarded the Watchful Shield at night.[4]



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