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Water drakes were a species of elemental drake.[1]


Water drakes, like other elemental drakes, were draconic in form and about 12 feet (3.7 meters) long. They had silvery-blue scales that were more fish-like than reptilian.[1]


Water drakes were largely indifferent to other creatures.[1]


Water drakes were better at swimming than flying, though they were capable of surviving on land indefinitely. Their affinity for elemental water meant that their very touch doused even magical fires.[1]


Water drakes preferred to fight below the waves, only flying to snatch prey out of the air.[1]


Water drakes lived along coastlands or island chains, preying on any creatures foolish enough to trespass in their territory. Since they weren't as fast as other aquatic creatures, they stuck to shallow areas. Consequently, water drakes and dragon turtles often shared similar territories, and although a lone water drake was no match for the larger dragon turtle, groups of drakes were fearsome enough to take them on. Water drakes also hated bronze dragons, but feared them even more.[1]

Water drakes were known to speak Aquan and Draconic in oddly pleasant burbling voices.[1]



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