A water mephit was a mephit from the Elemental Plane of Water.[3][1]


These mephits were composed of small scales, and had a light-blue tone. Their eyes were large and bulbous, and they had fin-like wings. Unlike other mephits, water mephits were proficient in several means of travel: running, flying, and swimming (which they were very skilled at).[3][1]

They smelled like brine and dripped with salt water. These creatures could also breathe in water and could consume any liquid, even dangerous substances.[2]


Water mephits always seemed to be in a good mood, and were so cheerful that others found it annoying. They liked to play with other creatures, splashing them with water and creating currents. However, this sometimes got them in trouble.[3]


Such mephits were immune to acid, and could even breathe it over their foes. They could also blast enemies with water, which pushed them back. As with other mephits, they could attack with their claws and regenerate quickly. They were surprisingly strong.[3]

These semi-liquid mephits were immune to impaling or cutting from ordinary weapons, as well as fire. However, they took far more damage from frost-based attacks. Water mephits could gate in other water mephits or ice mephits.[2]


Such creatures made their home anywhere near abundant sources of water, to a large ocean, to winding rivers. They preferred to live around other creatures, in a diverse ecosystem.[3]

Usually unasked, they sometimes attached themselves to adventuring parties. Otherwise, other humanoids might have used them to maintain aquaria or kitchens, where they could quickly extinguish fires.[2]



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