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Water nagas lived within oceans and rivers, protecting hidden treasures claimed by these waterways.[citation needed] They preferred solitude and isolation.[7]


Water nagas were about 10 feet (3 meters) long[4] and weighed about 250 lb (110,000 g).[citation needed] They had scales that ranged in color from emerald green to turquoise. Along with these were scales in reticulated patterns that ranged from light olive and dark emerald greens to dark browns and greys.[6] Their bodies were lined with frilled spines that stood on edge when excited or agitated.[1]


Water nagas were known to be very curious creatures with a neutral attitude towards life.[6] However, they also had bad tempers and were quite mischievous.[7][1] They rarely attacked other creatures unless threatened.[6]


The fangs of a water naga were lined with some form of poison.[6]


These creatures had an innate ability to cast a variety of spells, except for those involving fire.[6]


Water nagas were the first species of naga created by the sarrukh, specially bred for traveling across the vast land and waters of Abeir-Toril.[5]

Sometime after the fall of Mhairshaulk, a group of water nagas attempted to reverse the diverse subraces of naga that had developed in its wake, but their efforts resulted in the creation of the nagahydras.[5]



These creatures were typically found inhabiting the deep depths of clear freshwater pools, lakes, and rivers.[6]

Some were known to inhabit the River Ashaba of Cormanthor,[8]

Many were found in the Nagaflow and Nagawater in Southern Faerun. [9]

In the Zakhara region's Crowded Sea, they could be found on the archipelago of Jazayir al-Sartan.[10]


They referred to themselves as 'Naja'ssara' and to all other beings as 'Dista'ssara'. The latter term meant 'hands of the embodiment', and they even used this term to describe other species of Naga that they didn't consider real nagas, like Banelar nagas. [11]



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