Water nagas lived within oceans and rivers, protecting hidden treasures claimed by these waterways.[citation needed] They preferred solitude and isolation.[6]


Water nagas were about ten feet long and weighed about 250 pounds.[citation needed] They had scales the color of the waters in which they lived—greens, blues, and all the colors in between.[citation needed] Their bodies were lined with frilled spines that stood on edge when excited or agitated.[1]


Water nagas were generally known to have a bad temper and for being quite mischievous.[6][1]


Water nagas were the first species of naga created by the sarrukh, specially bred for traveling across the vast land and waters of Abeir-Toril.[4]

Sometime after the fall of Mhairshaulk, a group of water nagas attempted to reverse the diverse subraces of naga that had developed in its wake, but their efforts resulted in the creation of the nagahydras.[4]


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