The Waterbaron's Hall was a palace used by the eponymous ruler of Yartar. It served as their personal residence and the site where they held open court.[1][4]


It was located in the center of Yartar, near the central marketplace and several prominent establishments.[5] The Fishyard was situated just in front of its entrance.[6][7]


A number of lion statues, carved from stone, decorated the exterior of the Waterbaron's Hall. These were in fact elaborately decorated stocks used to hold prisoners in between their punishments.[1][4]

Unlike the rest of the city, which was traditionally kept dark at night, the outside of the Waterbaron's Hall was illuminated with a number of torches.[8]


The palace itself featured a number of columns that held up its overhanging, gable style roof. The chambers within were quite spacious, carrying the voices of anyone inside.[1]


Its interior was decorated with marble sculptures and fine tapestries.[1]


Beyond the Waterbaron, a number of Yartarran merchants were granted residence within the palace.[1][4]

It also served as a feasting hall, on occasions when the Waterbaron hosted influential guests.[4] As of the late 15th century DR, individuals who worked alongside the Lords' Alliance were readily welcome within the Waterbaron's Hall.[9]


The Waterbaron's Hall was protected by a ward that prevented anyone within from having their blood shed. As such, most of those within wielded maces or some form of magic.[4]



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