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The Field Ward of Waterdeep was an unofficial ward of the city, located between the inner and outer walls on the north side of town. It was in fact the city's slums — possessing the poorest living conditions within the city, was rife with crime, and served as a home to the most destitute Waterdhavian citizens.[1]


The ward had muddy, unpaved streets and no sanitation services or working sewer system. It was especially crowded, noisy and foul-smelling — stinking of slaughter-houses, tanneries, and waste. These guild businesses whose industries were rather offensive to the nose and ears were all relegated to the Field Ward, outside the city proper.[2][1]

The City Watch did not patrol here, but the City Guard watched over the road between the inner and outer gates to protect those passing through.[1]

Many poor elves, half-breeds, servants,[3] homeless squatters[4] and other disregarded Waterdhavians, such as those with obvious deformities, called this district their home.[2]


Originally a caravan yard during the 14th century DR, the Field Ward was the last destination for the many refugees that came to Waterdeep following the Spellplague.[2][1]

Notable Locations[]

  • Endshift Tavern: This establishment was popular among off-duty officers of the City Watch[1]