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Waukeen's Promenade.

Waukeen's Promenade was a massive, open-air marketplace within the Center District of Athkatla. The promenade was one of the most recognizable, and impressive structures in the entire city; it was twice as large as the marketplace in Waterdeep.[1]

While the market was well-guarded by Athkatlan security, it often served as a clandestine meeting area for not-entirely-legal business that would occur elsewhere in the city,[1] any of which could be rectified so long as the proper fine was paid, even before the deed took place.[2]


The promenade was a sprawling, oval stadium with 50' (15.2 m) walls and 75' (22.9m) wide terraces that were fed by broad ramps lined with merchant booths and stalls of all kinds. The structure was so massive the upper levels shaded the lower ones.[1]

The ground floor was the most expansive, granting the largest area for merchants to peddle their wares. The first terrace was home to the city's grander guilds and more reputable merchant houses.[1]

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In 1369 DR a traveling circus set up within the promenade and began providing entertainment for the citizens of Athkatla. Along with a number of wild animals, the circus had performers including Hannah, the avariel Aerie, her "uncle" Quayle, and a gnome named Kalah. Unfortunately, Kalah twisted the circus with strong illusory magic until some adventurers were sought to investigate the circus' troubles.[4]

Later in the same year, there was a significant, albeit brief battle that broke out within the promenade between a group of assassins from the Shadow Thieves guild, the disfigured mage Jon Irenicus and the Bhaalspawn Imoen. During the arcane skirmish, Imoen's foster sibling and their fellow adventurers and friends Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Boo and Yoshimo were present to witness the fight and its aftermath. As a result of the unsanctioned use of of magic by Irenicus and Imoen, they were taken into custody by the Cowled Wizards to Spellhold, the magical asylum for illegal magic-users, on the island of Brynnlaw.[3]



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