The Wave was a magical halberd associated with the deity Umberlee.[1]


It had the appearance of a regular halberd, albeit significantly more ornate. The crystalline axe-blade, pick, and pike head were all outfitted with additional spikes, and always felt wet to the touch. The shaft was fashioned from aquamarine stone, and was carved with depictions of waves.[1]


The halberd drained its victims of water, delivering a blast of cold magic in the process. Wielding the Wave, a person could instantly slay fire elementals, salamanders, and efreet.[1]


The Wave was forged in the ancient past by a cult of Umberlee worshipers, designed as a weapon of vengeance against a band of fire giants in the Storm Horns who had stolen a holy artifact. The cult entrusted the Wave to their champion, who went on a solitary quest to retrieve the artifact. The champion never returned, and the Wave was considered lost.[1]

The halberd was eventually found by Arganon, an adventurer from Long Reach. While voyaging the Sea of Swords, Arganon's ship sunk in a terrible storm, and the Wave was lost once more. The halberd was speculated to either rest with Arganon's bones on the ocean floor, or to have been gambled away by the adventurer on a trip to Sigil. In actuality, both assumptions were accurate: the Wave had been broken in two. As of 1368 DR, the weapon's shaft was held by the demonic warden of a planar prison, while the blade was in the possession of the sahuagin prince Villynaty of the City of Caverns.[1]



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