The Waymeet also called The Last Mythal of Aryvandaar, or the Nexus, was a powerful interplanar mythal that created portals between many places of Toril and even other planes.[1]


The Waymeet was its own demiplane. Created by Aryvandaar mages during the high point of that realm's rule, the mythal was made to produce portals, or gates, linking the elven realms as well as other planes of existence. The Waymeet existed for thousands of years and continued to expand and create new portals well after the Aryvandaar empire fell into ruin.[1][2]

Described as a "cathedral of glass" or "city of glass", the Waymeet consisted almost entirely of a maze of white glass walls, pillars, ramparts, and soaring spires with thousands, of glass-framed portals. The floor was seemingly made of a gray shale and the sky above it was as black as a starless night.[2]

At places where the crystal corridors met were small plazas. Each of these contained a 15 foot tall, 3-sided, blue crystal pillar known as a speaking stone. Anyone touching or speaking to the stone could contact the sentience of the Waymeet known as the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper could grant knowledge about navigating the Waymeet and could even guide travelers to the proper portal they were looking for and activate the portal for them.[3]



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