Weathercote Woods is a woodland located just west of Anauroch, north of the Lonely Moor, east of the Graypeak Mountains and south of the Fallen Lands in the Savage Frontier.[1] Blue mists and strange lights are often seen in the woods. [2]


Weathercote Wood has existed from before the rise of Netheril and continues to exist today despite the advancing of the desert of Anauroch.[2]

Some legends claim Nobanion originally entered the Realms through one of the portals in Weathercote Woods.[3]


The Zhentarims Black Road runs just south of Weathercote Woods.[1]


According to the elves, Weathercote wood is full of Gates to other worlds, as well as Wizards that guard the gates from casual use.[4] Neither spells nor psionics can penetrate the woods and those that enter are not heard from again.[4]



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