Weathercote Wood, also known as the Weathercote Forest,[2] was a forest of the Triangle of Trees, located in the great expanse known as the Savage Frontier.[1]


It was located just west of Anauroch, north of the Lonely Moor, east of the Graypeak Mountains and south of the Fallen Lands in the Savage Frontier.[3] Blue mists and strange lights are often seen in the woods.[1]


Weathercote Wood has existed from before the rise of Netheril and continued to endure despite the advancing of the desert of Anauroch.[1]


The Black Road of the Zhentarim ran just south of Weathercote Woods.[3]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

According to the elves, Weathercote wood was full of gates to other worlds, as well as wizards that guarded them from casual use. Neither spells nor psionics could penetrate the woods[2] and those that entered were never heard from again.[4] The folks of nearby Parnast believed that their disappearance was a result of elven magic.[2]

Some legends claimed that Nobanion originally entered the Realms through one of the portals in Weathercote Woods.[5]




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