Web of Ways was a multi-schooled spell that interconnected a series of doors or doorways. Anyone traveling through these openings would enter one and exit out another in any number of combinations as per the caster's design.[2]


The target of this spell was between two to seven non-magical, or magically enchanted doorways that all had to be touched during the spell's casting. However the caster decided, the entrance of one door would exit out of if the creature passing through were being moved via teleport without error. Any combination between these selected doors could be specified, allowing for very complicated routes.[2]

Furthermore, any pre-existing enchantment on one door could be reset on another target door. The casting of web of ways nullified any previously assigned translocation effects.[2]


The material components for this spell were an arachnid with 7 legs, an item that had previously been transported via teleport or dimension door and one rock crystal, of at least 25 gp value, for each door or doorway affected by the spell.[2]



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