The Weeping Friars were an informal group of quasi-ascetics known throughout most of the Savage Frontier. They claimed to believe that there was only a finite amount of pain and suffering in the world, and the more suffering they took upon themselves, the less suffering others would have to endure. They would offer to undergo suffering on a person's behalf in exchange for money or items, usually taking the form of alcohol or trinkets. To outsiders, they were generally regarded as masochists.

Drizzt Do'Urden traveled with the group for a while, acting as a bodyguard and companion. They were the ones who gave him the idea of traveling to Ten Towns, Brother Jankin, being drunk at the time, mentioned it as a place where rogues can find their place. When the Quickling Tephanis trapped them in Hephaestus's lair, Drizzt was the one to save them, however once the drow left the group for the Dale, they were tracked down by Roddy McGristle who tortured them all for Drizzt's whereabouts.

Drizzt later discovered that the friars were followers of Ilmater.[1]


From Drizzt Do'Urden's party there were five members in total. They were: Brother Mateus, the unofficial leader, Brother Jankin, the most fanatical of the group, and Brother Herschel, of which nothing specific was written about him. They were the only three mentioned, the other two were just referred to as "others" or "they."[2]



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