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Weeping Rock was a site related to the faith of Ilmater the Crying God.

In the autumn of the Year of the Groaning Hart, 1267 DR, Weeping Rock was the site of a bloody battle between feuding factions of the church of Ilmater. The holy war had broken out around 1265 DR when Archsufferer Bloirt Waelarn of the House of the Broken God in Keltar had denounced his fellow Ilmatari priests of the House of Holy Suffering in Mussum for refusing to relinquish the Tome of Torment, the holiest book of the faith. On one side were the Mussum priests and the Companions of the Noble Heart paladin order, and on the other were Waelarn, his followers, the Holy Warriors of Suffering, and the Knights of the Bleeding Shield.[1]



  • Another Weeping Rock appears in the Marching Mountains of Archendale in the Dalelands.[2] However, it is located very far away from both Keltar and Mussum and the description does not suggest a battle took place there. Therefore, this article assumes that they are different locations.