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A weredog was a lycanthrope that could transform into a large dog. They were often confused with werewolves.[1]


Weredogs were able to transform into dogs such as mastiffs or St. Bernards as opposed to actual wolves. Despite this, the similarities between dogs and wolves were similar enough that they could be mistaken for normal werewolves.[1]


Most often, weredogs were good-willed. They chose werewolves as their enemies, and swore to defeat them, despite being less numerous and powerful.[1]


Weredogs attacked their foes with a powerful bite, which also transmitted lycanthropy.[1]


Weredogs were originally humanoids suffering from the lycanthropic curse, but whose strong, good-aligned personalities were able to fight back against the infection. The result was an altered form of lycanthropy that allowed the victim's personality to remain.[1]



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