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A werefox was a type of lycanthrope that could take the form of a fox or fox-like hybrid. They were always female, so they were often referred to as foxwomen.[1]


In humanoid form, all foxwomen have lustrous silver hair sporting a widow's peak, appearing incredibly attractive.[1]


A werefox, mid-transformation.

Werefoxes were unique among lycanthropes as their curse affected the victim's personality in their normal and transformed states and they did not need to transform with the phases of the moon. Their curse could also only affect females.[citation needed] Their normal form would slowly taken on more elven traits over time. Finally, their curse left them barren. Because of this, all infected werefoxes ultimately became true werefoxes and, as a general rule, the werefox would adopt or kidnap a child to infect with lycanthropy to raise in their image.[1]


Often dwelling in secluded woodlands, werefoxes were rarely seen in numbers as they preferred to act alone. Their only purpose was pampering themselves and making sure they had an heiress to raise.[1]


In hybrid form, werefoxes used their claws and their bite and sometimes longswords. They rarely used their animal form for battle, but when they did they might use their claws.[1]



In Faerûn werefoxes could be found in the starwood region of Cormanthor,[2] as well as in the cities and villages of Cormyr, Sembia, and the Dalelands.[3]

In the land of Kara-Tur, they were typically encountered within its temperate forests and swamps.[4]



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