Werelions were humans in Zakhara who could assume a lion form.[1]


Werelions were usually thin and sinewy while in human form. They had deep, melodious voices. Males typically had long curly hair of gold or brown. Females kept their hair cropped almost to the scalp. Both sexes were deeply tanned and well-muscled.[1]

Werelions did not have a half-human form.[1]


Werelions preferred ambush attacks whenever possible. They hunted in packs and communicated effectively through their roars. Werelions could strike with their front claws and use a special rake attack with their rear claws.[1]

Werelions could leap up to 60 ft (18.3 m) when attacking.[1]


These creatures were social lycanthropes. Prides usually had more female members than males. A female, or matriarch, always ruled a pride.[1]


Occasionally, werelions served sabu lords. They were known to strike deals with desert centaurs and settlements bordering plains. Unlike other large hunting cats, werelions often attacked humans.[1]

Werelions and weretigers were bitter enemies.[1]




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