A werepanther was a very intelligent and rare type of lycanthrope that could transform into a panther.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Werepanthers were lycanthropes that had three forms: human form, panther form and hybrid humanoid form. The human form was usually dark-skinned and powerfully built, with extremely high strength and dexterity. The panther form looked much like a coal-black mountain lion. The hybrid form was a humanoid covered in ebony black fur and with a feline face. It had similar eyes to great cats, being yellow with dark pupils. Its teeth were far sharper than the human form, and it was lithe, moving with a predatory walk. Werepanthers had incredibly sharp senses, from keen night vision to acute smell and hearing.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

These lycanthropes were usually unapproachable, and boasted an arrogant and proud personality.[1]

Combat[edit | edit source]

In panther or hybrid form, these shapechangers usually attacked with their sharp claws and fangs, none of which transmitted lycanthropy. However, in human form, they would carry a weapon, usually black maces, blades, or whips. It was possible for werepanthers to inflict heavy scarring on, or even blinding, their foes, if not outright killing them. As with other lycanthropes, they could only be damaged by silver or magical weapons, but silver would only damage half as much as enchanted weapons.[1]

When werepanthers fell in combat, whatever state they were in, they would revert back to their original human form.[1]

Society[edit | edit source]

When in their purely feline form, these shapechangers acted as great cats would, preferring hunting and recreation over other activities. Werepanthers were often led by an incredibly powerful shaman or witchdoctor, known as a panther lord. They usually took their human form when humans were nearby, or if they chose to live among humans. However, werepanthers preferred to live an isolated lifestyle, usually in crude huts in tropical landscapes. Some such creatures were cruel and ruthless, living as slavers, capturing slaves to do menial labor for them.[1]

Werepanthers could communicate with other great cats in a cat-like language of growls, roars, and snarls. Whilst in hybrid form (which they greatly preferred), they could communicate with humans, but struggled with some aspects of language.[1]

They rarely interacted with other humans and, when they did, it would be in a negative manner. Werepanthers preyed upon humanoids in their territory, and swore that weretigers and wemics were their enemies.[1]

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Dragon #50, "Felkovic's Cat"

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