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Werespiders were extremely rare lycanthropes whose origins were shrouded in mystery,[2] though they were thought to be one of many new lycanthropic species that emerged in the Realms following the Time of Troubles.[3]


These lycanthropes could assume the form of a huge spider,[1][2] roughly 8 feet (2.4 meters) in diameter, or a hybrid state that mixed arachnid attributes with their standard form. These spider-forms typically had three to eight dull black eyes and their bulk largely consisted of a bloated abdomen, covered in coarse black fur. Hybrid-forms on the other hand varied by manifestation. Often times it displayed a drooling set of mandibles, three or more spidery eyes, and egg glands within their mouth.[2]


Werespiders firmly adhered to the idea of a society being as strictly ordered as their webs.[1]


While in their hybrid-form a werespider could climb to ceilings and walls, create webbing, had enhanced strength, and a poisonous bite. These webs were weaker compared to the ones a werespider could spin in its full spider-form.[2] While in their human form, they were generally skilled at spinning and weaving.[1] Regardless of its form, a werespider could only be harmed by weapons made of silver or possessing a +1 or greater enchantment.[2]

Those affected by the poison of a werespider had an almost one in three chance of being injected with a very small egg from the werespider's egg glands. Without a specific probe of the injury, these eggs were undetectable. After an incubation period of two weeks the egg would burst, releasing a viscous ichor that quickly spread throughout the victim's bloodstream and turning them into a werespider. With each day following this, there was an increasing chance that the victim would spontaneously transform. After such a transformation occurred, which was often traumatic, the victim was capable of controlling the shift between forms.[2]


While in their humanoid form, a werespider typically fought with standard weaponry laced with their own poison.[2]


Werespiders were solitary creatures.[2]


Werespiders were a carnivorous species. Those that lived within woodlands primarily ate woodland creatures that they caught in large spider web traps. Any human they caught was equally as likely to be eaten as it was to be set free. While those that lived within urban environments primarily preyed upon humans.[2]


They were typically found either in forests or urban environments. In the former they made their homes suspended high up in the boles of large trees, securely lashed with sturdy web-lines. Those that lived an urban life typically had webbing in parts of their home and a cocooned victim.[2]


Werespiders generally detested spider-like creatures of a chaotic nature.[1] They also were a favored monster of the deity Lolth.[4]

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