Weretigers were lycanthropes with a tiger animal form.


Weretigers in humanoid form tended to be sleekly muscular, taller than average, and very agile.[1] They didn't often wear clothes beyond jewelry due to the fact that even in "human" form they were covered in tiger-like fur.[citation needed]

Weretigers were usually female.They tended to hide from civilized society, assuming the role of witches or hermits in the wild. Many weretigers took the time to learn magical arts to enhance this façade. This, unfortunately, had the effect of the lycanthrope being confused with a rakshasa.[citation needed]


Weretiger prides or families could often be found in the jungles of Chult. Although most of them were solitary, and avoided contact, a few evil weretigers saw explorers as a kind of sport to hunt, which they did by posing as normal humans to lure people into their traps. This was seen as justified by them, as they believed it villainous for people to plunder their land.[6]


Most evil weretigers worshiped Malar, god of the hunt.[6]

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