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A wereworg was a lycanthrope that could take the form of a humanoid or a worg.[1]


Wereworgs were evil lycanthropes. Anyone who was bitten by a lycanthropic worg was automatically infected with lycanthropy, unless they quickly addressed the wound. The wounds had to be treated with belladonna or via divine magic, such as a cure disease spell. If the wounds were not treated, the infected would involuntarily turn into a wereworg during the next full moon.[1]

Upon becoming a wereworg, the infected would also become evil, no matter their previous alignment. They would have urges to attack others, including their friends and companions. After some time had passed, nothing short of a wish spell could transform them to their former selves.[1]


In the winter of the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR,[2] cultists of Orcus wished to take revenge for the defeat of high priest Banak by adventurers in Bloodstone Village. Accordingly, Orcus' minions started to spread this form of lycanthropy to the Galena Mountains, which brought much chaos to the region.[1]