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A werewyvern was a humanoid that could shapechange into a wyvern.[1]


In addition to the standard variety, there also existed greater werewyverns. The exact differences between the two was not well known due to the rarity of the species.[1]


Werewyverns seemed to be incredibly rare in the Realms. In Cormyr, it was said by many locals that a brigand werewyvern, known as Black Shaernauba, would rob travelers. If they tried to fight back, she would assume the form of a wyvern, and fly away with the goods. The werewyvern was said to live in a cave full of riches, and kept attractive men as captives. She was also said to have slain Purple Dragons who tried to make a base near her home, as well as others setting up establishments.[2]

Circa the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, a werewyvern by the name of Ekim Cyre, along with a green dragon, protected the Bhaalspawn, Abazigal, from invaders.[1]

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