Wessalen Arturia was a human paladin of Lathander from Cimbar, Chessenta. He sailed the Pirate Isles in 1359 DR.[1]


Wessalen was a Chessentan noble and a follower of Lathander. His goal was to restore his home country to its former glory and reunite the fractious city-states into an empire, which he believed would lead the Inner Sea into a golden age of prosperity and unity.

He discovered from records in his temple in Cimbar that a very powerful artifact essential to the spread of the ancient Chessentan Empire had been lost on the Pirate Isles before the empire's decline. He knew almost nothing about this artifact but believed that Lathander would guide him. He traveled all over the isles in search of ancient Chessentan ruins. However, he feared that someone else would want the artifact for personal profit and did not wish to inadvertently give away a vital clue to its nature or location, so he was tight-lipped about his quest.[1]

Although not seeking battle, his secretive habits led him into several conflicts with the inhabitants, and he in turn adopted more hostile, defensive attitudes.[1]


Wessalen had not truly thought about what would happen to Faerûn if he succeeded in his mission of restoring the empire. He was generally friendly if approached in a friendly manner, but quick to defend himself if attacked. He worshiped Lathander as an athlete's patron and was always happy to have a friendly wrestling match.[1]


A dedicated athlete, Wessalen was tall, slender, and strong with a toned physique. He had curly blond hair.[1]

Abilities & SkillsEdit

Wessalen was proficient in the longsword and javelin, in unarmed punching and wrestling. He specialized in fighting with weapon and shield.[1]

He was knowledgeable in etiquette, healing, seamanship, weaponsmithing, and ancient Chessentan history. He was also good at running and in endurance.[1]


He wore +2 scale mail and gloves of missile snaring, and fought with a +1 shield and +1 longsword. He also owned three javelins of lightning, a potion of speed, and a potion of extra-healing.[1]

He also commanded the Argosy, a longship crewed by 70 crack sailors.[1]



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