West Harbor was a small village near the southern end of the Mere of Dead Men along the Sword Coast.


West Harbor is located in Mere of Dead Men, south of Highcliff. Near the village is the portal of Illefarn ruins. The swamp also made West Harbor's farmland incredibly fertile and more than enough crops were grown to sustain the village.[1]


Due to its swampy terrain and annual harvest festival where the inhabitants compete against each other to win prizes in tests of skill, the villagers of West Harbor (referred to as "Harbormen") were renowned in the lands surrounding them for their natural toughness. This put them in high demand for positions as guards and military service. In addition, they tended their fields with care, since most worshiped Chauntea. However, they were a shy people.


Unfortunately, West Harbor has been destroyed twice, both times in recent memory. Once, when the King of Shadows first attacked Neverwinter and again several decades later when it was revisited by Ammon Jerro.

In its time, West Harbor has produced several notable people, including Marshal Cormick of the Neverwinter City Watch and Lorne Starling. Most notable of all however, was the adventurer who eventually defeated the King of Shadows, the Kalach-Cha.[1]

Rumors and legendsEdit

It was here where the battle against the King of Shadows was fought. The remnant was a shadowy portion of the ground at the center of the village where Ammon Jerro clashed the Sword of Gith against the King of Shadows. Also, it was here where the Kalach-Cha grew up.





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