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The Western Tower, also called the Vine Tower, was a fortification in the city of Loudwater in the Delimbiyr Vale in the mid-to-late 14th century DR. It was the headquarters of the Gauntlet of the Western Marches.[2][1]


By its name, it stood in the west of Loudwater, near the Vine Gate.[1]


Around 1372 DR, the Western Tower was the base of Gauntlet Jaida Zerezeal,[3][4] who was soon replaced by Gauntlet Isyan Kiy'sisnos.[1] Gauntlet Harazos Thelbrimm was briefly based there as well in Eleasis/Eleint of that year.[2][note 1]


It had a main hall where the Gauntlet and members of the Loudwater Guard had their meals together, often the strong ale, rough bread, and meat still on the bone favored by human warriors.[2]



  1. Gray Hunt has Harazos as Gauntlet of the Western Marches, despite all other adventures and materials in Legacy of the Green Regent establishing him as Gauntlet of the Eastern Marches. If not an error, it may be that he began as western Gauntlet then switched to eastern, that this is a rotating position, or that he was filling in between Jaida and Isyan. The reason for Jaida's removal is unknown.


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