Whales were the largest mammals in the world.[1] They were gentle sea-dwelling creatures that migrated from place to place in the oceans. While peaceful, whales were known to only attack ships and other sea creatures when provoked.[citation needed]

Types of WhaleEdit

  • Baleen whales: These were a larger type of whale, including humpback whales, gray whales, and right whales. They fed on plankton.[1] These whales fed by straining seawater through long strips of baleen that they had in place of teeth, from which they got their name.[citation needed]
  • Cachalot whales: These included such breeds as sperm whales,[1] They were active hunters, feeding on giant squid,[1] fish, squid, and smaller marine mammals.[citation needed]


Whales were sacred to the elven god Deep Sashelas and the deities Istishia and Valkur.[4]

Notable WhalesEdit



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