The Whamite Isles consisted of a number of islands in the Sea of Fallen Stars.


During the Twelfth Serôs War, Iakhovas reintroduced the kelpie species of sentient seaweed, long extinct in the Realms, back to the sea. The vast majority of the residents of the Isles were affected by the kelpies charm powers which caused many people to jump into the sea and drown. The corpses were quickly animated and turned into sea zombies which plagued several coastal cities for the next few years. As of 1370 DR, the major ports of Agenais and Garhunclen were both disused.[1] That year though, the Emerald Enclave, who seemed to have discovered a way to circumvent the kelpies, seized control of the islands.


The Whamite Isles were named after board game designer Tom Wham who designed a non-canonical strategy game set on the Isles.

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