Wheat into blade was a divine alteration spell that allowed a cleric to transform a part of a plant into an enchanted spear.[1]


When this spell was cast, the caster transformed the stalk of any plant into a non-metallic, 7-foot-long (2.1 meters) spear that possessed a +2 enchantment.[1]

Multiple castings of the spell could be used to create a single, unbreakable pole.[1]

If wheat into blade was cast upon a magically controlled plant, it functioned as the spell hold plant.[1]


The specifications of the spell were inscribed upon one of the "inner petals" of the Chauntean relic, the Glarathra.[2]


This spell required verbal and somatic components, as well as the stalk of a living plant that was at least knee-high in length.[1]


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