The Wheloon Watch was a militia and law-enforcement organization that operated in Wheloon in Cormyr, in the 14th century DR.[1][2]


The Wheloon Watch was a militia force of volunteers, all merchants and tradesmen by day, with basic fighting ability. They were led by a captain.[1]


As well as being a militia force,[2] the Wheloon Watch had the power to arrest those suspected of crimes such as murder.[1] However, the Wheloon Watch did not investigate missing persons.[3]

Base of operationsEdit

They were based out of the Wheloon Watch House.[4][5] [note 1]


Members of the Watch were equipped with leather armor, maces, short swords, daggers, and crossbows.[1]


The Wheloon Watch worked with the local Purple Dragons contingent,[1] and shared the Wheloon Watch House with them.[4][5]


During the Time of Troubles in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, in Wheloon, Kelemvor was framed for the robbery and murder of a local merchant, with Cyric's agent testifying to Lord Sarp Redbeard that they had seen him leave the house with a bloody sword. When the Wheloon Watch tried to apprehend Kelemvor, the group fled on stolen horses, pursued by the Watch and the Purple Dragons, and made a successful getaway.[6][1]



  1. The Wheloon Watch House has only been mentioned in relation to the Purple Dragons. Though not explicitly stated, the Wheloon Watch may safely be assumed to be based out of the Wheloon Watch House by its name. As a civilian volunteer force, they likely do not need to live at the barracks there.


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