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Whisper demons were insane, destructive demons that enjoyed driving other creatures to commit suicide.[1]


Whisper demons resembled ghostly humanoids with green skin, wild eyes, fangs, and claws, but they were weightless and incorporeal creatures.[1]


Whisper demons spoke several languages, but they also possessed telepathy that allowed them to speak directly into the minds of others. Any creature within 60 feet (18 meters) of a whisper demon heard its constant, insane mental whispering. Additionally, any creature that tried to make mental contact with a whisper demon took damage due to the demon's sheer insanity.[1]

Whisper demons were immune to the confusion and insanity spells, as well as poison, hypnotism, and electricity. As incorporeal creatures, magical weapons were required in order to harm them. In combat, whisper demons could "claw" at opponents in the form of what was called incorporeal touches.[1]

Undead were naturally immune to the insanity-inducing telepathy of whisper demons. A whisper demon could turn any creature that committed suicide within 60 feet (18 meters) of it into an allip, and could control up to nine allips without trouble.[1]


Whisper demons were thoroughly insane and just as malevolent.[1]


Whisper demons were native to the Abyss, where all other kinds of demons and Abyssal inhabitants avoided them.[1]

Whisper demons were often accompanied by allips and occasionally by other undead.[1]