Whispering wind, originally called Vilate's whispering,[1] was a simple, arcane transmutation spell that could send someone a message as a whisper on the wind.[2] The spell was utilized by bards, sorcerers, and wizards,[2] and was especially favored by the anagakok of the Great Glacier.[9] Some magical creatures, such as deceiver genies, had the innate ability to cast magic akin to this spell.[10]


When the spell was complete, the caster could sent a short message, carried by the wind, to a specific location known to the caster some number of miles away. The ultimate range depended on the power of the caster but was at least three miles. The message could not be delivered to a location where wind could not blow, such as a sealed chamber, under water, or in a vacuum.[2]

The message carried could be as many as 25 words, or else the wind could simply carry several seconds of other noises. The message or sound was a faint whisper but was loud enough to be heard by anyone within a ten-foot radius. The sounds were delivered regardless of whether or not anyone was there to hear it. While the message was being delivered, the wind swirled around in place. It was not possible to use the whispered message to complete or activate a spell or magic item.[2]

The speed of the breeze carrying the message was controlled by the caster and could range from as gentle as one mile per hour to as fast as six miles per hour. This wind could be maintained for at least three hours or longer, again depending on the power of the caster. If the duration of the spell expired before the destination was reached, the whispered message was lost.[2]


Whispering wind required only verbal and somatic components.[2]


The spell was invented by Netherese arcanist Vilate in −2198 DR.[11]



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