White abishai were the lowest-ranking of the abishai devils[1] Like their true dragon counterparts, the white dragons, they had a supernatural affinity to frost and were viciously destructive.[1][5]


The stingers of white abishai froze those they struck, contributing to their bestial claws and fangs.[4] Being the lowest of the abishai, white scaled devils could summon their own type of abishai, as well as a small number of lemures.[1] Their bodies could be mistaken for icy statues if they held still.[6]


White abishai were savage and reckless, attacking with their claws, if not with longswords or flails.[4] They were fearless in battle and on the battlefield become incredibly dangerous.[1]


When Tiamat decided that a soul was worthy of serving her she transformed it through an agonizing process into a white abishai.[7] White abishai reinforced the ranks of Tiamat's legions with their fearless attitudes and combat prowess.[1] They could also be commonly found in amnizu checkpoints in Stygia near the Styx. Pairs of white abishais were stationed at such areas to identify travelers and execute humiliating strip searches and item seizures while their amnizu masters conducted interrogations.[8]



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