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Whitespawn hordelings were violent, nomadic dragonspawn.[1]


Whitespawn hordelings were roughly the size of a gnome at about 3.5 ft (1.1 m) tall and 40 lb (18,000 g) in weight. They were vaguely humanoid in form, with a dragon-like head and white scales. Females were slightly smaller than males.[1]


Whitespawn hordelings were exceedingly violent and would attack almost anything they encountered. They did not have long lifespans.[1]


Like the white dragons they were distantly related to, whitespawn hordelings were immune to the cold and could spray a 30‑foot (9.1‑meter) cone of ice from their mouths. They would use both crude weapons and their own fangs in combat.[1]

Whitespawn hordelings were intelligent enough to speak a crude form of the Draconic language. They also had darkvision.[1]


Whitespawn hordelings were predatory creatures that would live in any cold region. They were highly social among their own kind, and were never found in groups of less than six; some hordes had as many as 150 members. Hordelings were also nomadic, never staying in one place for long due to their hunting habits.[1]

Whitespawn hordelings could reproduce naturally. After laying their eggs, they would hunt down large prey animals and put the eggs insides the carcasses. Hordelings said they did this to let the young "hear the call of blood", but it also provided the hatchlings with an immediate source of food.[1]

Whitespawn hordelings were only marginally more intelligent than animals, although some were known to craft crude tools out of bone and stone. The most threatening hordeling- sometimes the strongest, but just as often simply the meanest- was the leader. Hordelings only grudgingly obeyed more intelligent dragonspawn when corralled into Tiamat's armies, but they revered white dragons as living embodiment of the goddess.[1]



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