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Whitespawn hunters were brutal but cunning dragonspawn.[1]


Whitespawn hunters were reptilian humanoids with white scales and draconic heads and tails.[1]


Whitespawn hunters were brutal creatures without morals or scruples.[1]


Whitespawn hunters could see in the dark and were immune to the effects of the cold.[1]


Whitespawn hunters lived in tribes, dwelling in cold wastes, plains, and occasionally mountains. They were carnivores that would eat anything, including bones and the bodies of their own kind.[1]

Whitespawn hunters were capable of reproducing naturally. Females would lay eggs in frigid, isolated locations; the hatchlings were expected to fend for themselves until the tribe returned to the area. The rite of passage for adolescents in the tribe was equally brutal: two young hunters were sent out to bring down a large, dangerous creature, but only one would be allowed to return; the other would be killed or forced to flee.[1]

Leadership in a tribe was determined by strength and brutality; normally a male ruled. If a tribe got too big then the leader would split off, taking as many potential mates and good combatants as they could, although the process was usually bloody. When two tribes met, the result was always open fighting.[1]

Whitespawn hunters were known to keep slaves of other races, and some would dominate whitespawn hordelings. However, most slaves did not survive long and quickly wound up as food for the tribe. Whitespawn hunters were also known to keep whitespawn iceskidders as mounts.[1]

Unlike most dragonspawn, whitespawn hunters only barely venerated Tiamat and did not revere dragons.[1]



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