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Whitespawn iceskidders were the largest of the white dragonspawn.[1]


At 11 feet (3.4 meters) long and 2,000 pounds (910 kilograms), whitespawn iceskidders were easily the size of a horse, and could be ridden like one by braver creatures. They had vestigial wings that were used to help propel themselves, white scales, vaguely draconic features, and a modified tail that aided them when sliding across the ice.[1]


Whitespawn iceskidders were barely more intelligent that animals, but their heritage made them cruel.[1]


Whitespawn iceskidders were immune to the effects of cold and possessed a white-dragon-like breath weapon that they used to freeze prey in place. Additionally, any dragonspawn riding on an iceskidder or simply within 5 feet of one gained immunity to the cold.[1]


Whitespawn iceskidders were largely solitary, but mated pairs would live and hunt together. They dwelt in cold, open regions, hunting anything smaller than themselves. Whitespawn iceskidders would lay eggs and raise their young. They dug caves out of snow and ice to use as lairs, and hibernated through warmer seasons.[1]

Whitespawn iceskidders were known to be tamed and used as mounts by whitespawn hunters, and some white dragons used them as guards of their lairs.[1]



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